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In the last ten years, the number of cases of allergies, asthma and lung disease has increased 72% due to poor indoor air quality, according to the American Lung Association.

Ron’s Total Home Services has an incredibly powerful air duct cleaning system called “Whirlwind” Air Duct Cleaning that removes ALL the dust, dirt, pollen, mold, germs and other unhealthy contaminants from your heating and air conditioning system. Other systems just don’t measure up in creating better indoor air quality in Greenville.

Breathe Cleaner Air. Don’t be fooled by lower prices from companies that use small portable machines to clean air ducts. Only Ron’s has the revolutionary “Whirlwind Air Duct Cleaning Truck”. Call us today at (864) 297-6440 or contact us online to schedule service.

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Ron's 12 Step Air Duct Cleaning Process

“Protection Job One” at Ron’s Air Duct Cleaning is the protection of your home and property. We begin by placing a heavy vinyl tarp over your driveway.

Our goal is to remove all the dirt and dust. The truck-vac system is among the most powerful systems available in the HVAC cleaning industry.

No sub-contractors or one-man crews at Ron’s. Our specialists are experienced in the latest procedures and most effective cleaning tools.

Work will not begin until the floors, doorways and corners are protected against dirt or scratching. Protective shoe covers are worn at all times.

The 8″ vacuum hose is attached to both the supply and return sides of the system. During the cleaning, all dirt and debris is pulled directly to the truck-vac.

The metal box under the floor register is called a “stack-boot”. We spray a degreasing agent and hand-clean each one with a cotton towel.

All registers are covered with a magnetic-vinyl sheet. As each run is cleaned the cover is removed, maximizing the air flow in that duct line.

Pulling large volumes of air toward the truck, we now send our scrubbing tools down each supply run to remove every trace of dirt, dust and hair.

Once all the supply registers are clean, we move to the return air system. This includes all the grill covers and drops throughout the house.

All trunk lines (supply) and plenums (return air) are cleaned with our special scrubbing tools. Specially designed plastic plugs insure there’s no air flow loss.

The cleaning is complete with the air-washing and vacuum of the drop, filter box, blower fan, cabinet interior and combustion chamber.

New galvanized access panels are installed over the openings created for vacuum hose. Floors are swept and all debris is removed.