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Our carpet cleaning experts have been in the residential and commercial carpet cleaning business since 1971. Ron’s offers a multitude of carpet cleaning services to fit your needs so you don’t spend money on unnecessary cost. Don’t leave the care of your carpets in the hands of amateurs. Call the best carpet cleaners in Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson at Ron’s Total Home Services. We are committed to protecting your investment in your flooring and extending the life of your carpet. When you need the best in clean carpets, call Ron’s at (864) 297-6440.

Our Vortex® System

Only Ron’s has this revolutionary hydraulic VORTEX® Cleaning System. At twice the power and much higher temperatures, it cleans deeper than other methods.

Cleaner is BETTER! You can see the difference!

  • Protect your carpet investment
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Ron's Carpet Cleaning Process

Our service technician will inspect your areas of concern, as well as noting carpet construction and soiling conditions. He will also advise you of any possible permanent staining.

Regular size sofa, chairs and tables will be carefully moved. Larger pieces such as beds and dressers are left in place under our regular pricing structure. The furniture will be protected with disposable blocks and tabs.

The carpet is “pre sprayed” with special cleaning compounds especially designed for your particular carpet & soil condition. This loosens up the soil to make rinsing more effective.

Once the soil has been loosened, our state-of-the-art truck-mounted hot water extraction process will thoroughly flush the carpet. This step sanitizes & deodorizes the carpet. Water pressure is regulated so that fabric is not over wet.

Every carpet that we clean is pH balanced so there is no sticky residue left behind. This treatment is applied as a rinse thru the machine or is applied after rinsing depending on soil conditions.

If any spots are not removed during the cleaning process, specialty-spotting techniques are applied.

We ask the customer to walk through the home with our technician to inspect our work. We ask that the customer sign the invoice to show that they are pleased with our work.

Ron's Carpet Care

When it comes to maintaining your carpet, one of the most critical areas of focus is the traffic areas. If ground in soil is not removed on a regular basis, the traffic areas will begin to wear excessively. The dirt is extremely abrasive against the fibers of the carpet as you walk back and forth on it. The second area of focus, of course, is spot removal. You must react to “danger” spots immediately. Red wine, red beverages, urine ,blood, etc. can cause a permanent stain if not treated immediately. Listed below are the steps that you must take to properly maintain your carpeting.


Copies of specific warranties on your carpet purchase may be available from your carpet retailer. Stain resist warranties can vary from 5 to 20 years. ALL STAIN RESIST WARRANTIES REQUIRE REGULAR CLEANING AND IMMEDIATE SPOT REMOVAL.

Vacuum your carpet often. Once or twice a week at least. Vacuuming removes the sharp soil that can cut and slice the fiber causing premature wear. Much of this sol is not visible to the eye. Vacuum before the carpet looks soiled. Remove any loose particles such as loose food, leaves, pieces of crayon, bugs, etc. as these items can cause a spot on the carpet.

As a general rule, professional cleaning by a professional, certified firm should take place about once a year. For extremely heavy traffic areas, cleaning may be required more often. Proper professional cleaning will not leave a sticky residue behind and can be done as many times per year as needed. MANY STAIN RESIST WARRANTIES REQUIRE PROFESSIONAL CLEANING EVERY 2 YEARS. Professional cleaning removes the damaging soil from the traffic areas that vacuuming has not been able to remove. WARNING: UNINFORMED CARPET CLEANERS MAY VOID THE WARRANTY; BE VERY SELECTIVE WHICH COMPANY YOU HIRE.

Immediate spot removal is key to a clean carpet. Great care also must be taken in how spot cleaning is performed. When a carpet is new, or has sufficient protector on it, plain tap water will remove many spots. However, for those spots that will not remove easily with water, you must use a spot cleaner. Select a spot cleaner that is recommended by the carpet manufacturer or your trained, certified professional cleaner. Most spot removers that are purchased over the counter leave too much soap residue and can cause yellowing. Avoid using foam carpet cleaners or any product that is not made specifically for carpet.

Apply spot cleaner sparingly to white terry cloth and gently massage spot causing it to transfer into the cloth. Never pour spot cleaner directly on carpet. If the product that you are using seems to cause the spot to re-soil over a few weeks, discontinue use. Any spot that you are not able to remove and for pet urine or feces, call your professional cleaner immediately.

We all love our pets, but sometimes accidents happen. Pet urine can be one of the most unsightly and harsh smelling stains that can happen to your carpets. We have the tools and experience to remove all pet stains and pet odors from your floors. If you’ve tried to clean up the mess and just can’t get the odor or stains out, give Ron’s a call as we have the carpet cleaners to eliminate the spot completely. Best of all we use cleaners that are non-toxic to your pets, so you don’t have to worry when your pet goes sniffing around.

Residential carpets are treated with stain resistant properties and soil resistors known as Dupont Teflon. After a period of 2 to 3 years, some of the soil-resistor wears off. At that point you should consider having a professional carpet cleaner re-apply the treatment after professional cleaning. The soil resistor will help the soil slide off of the carpet easier when vacuuming, spots will be easier to remove and professional cleaning will be more effective.